Working with global brands and clients, on long-term contracts and jobs with quick turnaround times.


Over 15 years in the education industry, with experience in primary, secondary and adult education sectors.


Deep connection and strong passion for high quality, holistic education that is grounded in a sustainable mindset.

Consultancy & Training| Greensoace Education

Consultancy & Training

Research and build curriculum and materials for a variety of educational settings. Develop and facilitate training in place-based learning, marine education and awareness, and project-based learning.

Learning & Resource Development Communication | Greenspace Education

Learning & Resource Development

Using inquiry-based, project learning strategies, and focussing on STEAM-based learning opportunities to examine themes and issues around sustainability, local place and global issues.

Communication| Greenspace Education


Development and facilitation of learning modules based on place, self and others to support confidence and competence in communication.

Greenspace Education Lessons

Education for Sustainable Development is not only about examining key issues such as consumption, poverty, pollution and climate change.

It’s learning to apply a specific set of skills to solving problems within these issues. These skills include, but are not limited to; observation, collaborative ideation and decision-making, critical-thinking and reflective practices.


Rebecca is a creative and dedicated educator, focused on the experience of the student while as a post-primary educator mindful of the challenges and demands on teachers to deliver in the ever-changing dynamic context of the 21st century.  I have worked with Rebecca since 2018, developing educational curriculum within specific learning approaches, place-based STEAM, Design Thinking, Project-based and Inquiry-based learning to support future-ready teaching and learning.

Dr Anita McKeown

FRSA co-director , SMARTlab Skelligs

“It has been great working with Rebecca on creation and development of our education programmes linking them to international curriculum, creating further outreach and awareness. 

Lucy Hunt

The Ocean Race Learning




Climate Emergency | Greenspace Website

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